Light privacy bamboo blinds Color& Co
Light privacy bamboo blinds Color& Co
Light privacy bamboo blinds Color& Co

Light privacy bamboo blinds Color& Co

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A beautiful roller blind in light privacy bamboo. Narrow bamboo slats of approx. 0.4 cm is woven with white thread in an overlapping pattern, which makes it perfect in a room where privacy is needed, while at the same time allowing the light in. The roller blind is also available with a chain pull.

The roller blind is made of natural untreated bamboo, and will in time gain a darker and more beautiful golden tone. The colour fits perfectly with the light bamboo blinds.

Blacking sunlight: 

This curtain has a light blocking factor of 98%. The curtains are divided into four categories according to how much sunlight they block: 25%, 50%, 75% and 98%.

Measure: You can adjust the size by using a small saw or scissors. If you rather have it professional trimmed this is possible for 40 euro (each blind) and takes 2 weeks longer then the usual delivery time.



The standard measurement of a blind is the measurement of the actual bamboo blind from edge to edge. The fixture then measures another 2 cm. If you want the blinds to hang inside a window frame, and if you do not want a roll at the bottom, then subtract 2 cm from the length of the blinds.

For example: The window frame measures 150 cm from top to bottom. The blinds must be cut at 148 cm if you would like them to hang freely without being rolled up at all.

If you would like the blinds to hang within the window frame and go all the way to the edges width-wise, subtract 0.5 cm from the measurements of the window frame on each side. 

About the designer:

Color&Co is a Danish company founded by 2 sisters who wishes to contribute toward a more environmentally-friendly world, and to create the best conditions for future generations. They are passionate about sustainability, which is expressed in our products. They offer products in a Scandinavian style and quality. The products help create a simple but decorative and warm expression.

It takes 14 days to make a bamboo roller blind, and 30 days for paper or plant blinds. Each individual blind will have passed through the hands of up to 12 different people to ensure top of the line quality.
Further information

All our roller blinds conform to EU child safety directive EN 13120. The purpose of this safety standard is to minimise the risk that children are seriously injured by the cord.