May essential oil blend
May essential oil blend

May essential oil blend

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A fresh, herbaceous blend to calm the spirits and relax the mind.

Inspired by memories of a bright spring afternoon spent in rolling fields, where banks of lavender sway below the sun and wild herbs grow in abundance. Sweet and citrus-like bergamot makes way for the peppery nuances of coriander and a deeply aromatic base of thyme.

Use in a diffuser to bring a lightness and tranquility to even the greyest of days. Benefits: 100% natural essential oil blend of lavender, coriander, bergamot and thyme. Lavender is known to relieve stress, calm the body and encourage sleep. Bergamot is excellent for elevating your mood, with coriander aiding in relaxation. Thyme reduce tension and anxiety. The perfect combination for when you need to relax and calm the mind.

Scent: Fresh/ Herbal
Weight: 20ml (0.7 Oz)

Top notes: Bergamot
Middle notes: Coriander, Lavender
Base notes: Thyme


about the brand

Natural, purpose-driven skincare and innocuous home fragrances, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the healing power of nature. Living in harmony with the planet, using high quality natural botanical ingredients, with minimalist packaging. 

A true homage to her heritage, TCM having been forever-rooted in Stephanie’s family - from her Popo picking herbs in the mountains in Tai Po to create her own remedies, to her parents who immigrated to Manchester in 1984 to set up their own clinic - twice-weekly herbal teas and working weekends to pack prescriptions. 

Homework is her modern ode to ancient Chinese philosophy and her family that have so heavily influenced the creation of the brand and the importance of showcasing a new lens on an age-old practice.