Kopie van The Swan no 3-Jörgen Hanson
Kopie van The Swan no 3-Jörgen Hanson

Kopie van The Swan no 3-Jörgen Hanson

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Poster "The Swan ll" 50 x 70 cm.
This print is signed by hand. Print made from the original drawing "The Swan III “Jörgen Hansson. Printed on 240g/sqm uncoated Munken Lynx paper. The paper is inspected for Nordic Ecolabelled printing, ECF, Age resistant (ISO 9706) and Woodfree. Produced at Arctic Paper in Munkedal Sweden. Printed in, and shipped from Sweden.

The art print comes without a frame.


About the artist

Jörgen is a swedish artist and stone mason living in Bohuslän on the westcoast of Sweden. Here you will find original paintings as well as selected artprints.

"I am making use of many different techniques and materials when I create, which makes it interesting and inspiring and it helps me to not stagnate in a certain form in the creation of pictures or sculptures. I use ink, stone, charcoal, wood, watercolor, drypoint, acrylic etc. Most often I simplify pictures and shapes until I get a nerve in the line or the Surfaces that feels right.
My inspiration is often nature and people."